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Tile And Grout Cleaning

Your kitchen or bathroom is never fully clean until you’ve scrubbed the floors. While you don’t have to tackle this chore every time you wipe down the countertop, it’s important to keep an eye on your tile floors for signs of dirt or grime. A hazy film or dirty grout are both indicators that it’s time to do more than sweeping. We’ll show you the best ways to clean your tile floors no matter what type of tile you have.

It’s time to give your floors a little caress. We are experts in Tile and Grout Cleanig. Always offering the service you deserve!

We offer residential and commercial services

Carpet Cleaning

Apartment Carpets

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Upholstery Cleaning

Pet stain/odor removal

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  • Clean and Restore Original Colour
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  • Spills simply wipe off
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One Day Floor Restore

Grout lines absorb mildew, grease and many contaminants leaving your floors soiled and very unattractive. Get our Day Tile and Grout Hamilton Service.

Tile and Grout Sealer

All grout tile flooring should be sealed to prevent the grout from absorbing dirt, contaminants, etc. With our high-quality sealer you will receive the protection your floor needs.

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